Happy 3rd Birthday


Our big, baby girl is 3 today.  Gosh time flies.  What is even scarier is the fact that her life is potentially 1/3 over if you base it on the average life span of 8 years for a Berner.  Of course our girl is going to live much longer than the average because she has a great example in longevity….her big brother, Wally the golden retriever, who is 16 years and 9 months old.

She got a giant salmon head for her birthday breakfast treat.


Big Boo Boo


Our big girl had shoulder surgery last week.  The first night she just whimpered and moaned and I felt so helpless.  It has been 6 days since her surgery and she is progressing well.  It is becoming a full time job just trying to keep her quiet and still.   She is ready to explode with pent up energy and frustration.  One more week and then we can allow her to go for longer walks and gradually move up to a little bit of freedom and running around.

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New Puppy Bed

We started making this raised dog bed over two years ago.  The various pieces have spent 2 winters on our deck waiting for some attention.  Well I’m thrilled to say we have finally assembled it and it has Spirit’s seal of approval.  I think she will find it nice and cool to have the air circulating underneath her.  It creaks and groans with all her weight on it but it should support her just fine. (Thanks Auntie Patty for finally lighting a fire under our butts to get us to assemble it)


My Sous Chef

I decided to make some homemade vanilla bean ice cream for our girls weekend.  When I was done I let the “kids” do the pre-wash on the plastic churning blade.  Spirit’s big, fat head dominated and she managed to get three licks in for every one my old boy Wally got.  If you look closely you can see 3 muzzles as all the dogs try to get their share of the ice cream.

Mixer3 Mixer2
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