20 Months Old



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Her first Title SD-S, SP


Spirit and I competed in our first sanctioned SDDA trial on Saturday, April 23rd in Morinville, Alberta.  I am thrilled to announce that we qualified in all three components: container, interior and exterior/vehicle (3 purple ribbons).  Spirit now has her Sporting Detection – Started title: “SD – S “.  Because we qualified in all 3 components on the same day, we also earned a special designation making her title “SD – S, SP” (large purple/black ribbon).  And if that wasn’t enough, we placed 3rd in the interior search which is the hardest of the three (large white and black ribbon).  Thank you to SDDA Judge Paul Dyer.  I am so proud of my girl.  I think she was also the youngest dog at the trial.


Thanks to photographer Bev Holoboff for donating her time to take pictures of the teams at work.


A special thank you to Ryan-Ann of Doglogix Scent Detection for hosting an amazing trial and being a talented scent detection instructor.  Team Spirit’s success is because of you.

After a long, cold and windy day at the trial we came home and relaxed together in the La-Z-Boy.  Spirit loves to use me as her personal pillow. Note Tilly’s disgusted look.


Another DOT


On February 24th (the night before Spirit’s shoulder surgery) she participated in her Sporting Detection Dogs Association (SDDA) advanced Designated Odor Test (DOT) for pine.  Even though she was sore she still worked very hard and passed.  We just got our  ribbon and certificate so we thought an official portrait was in order.  Look how nicely the fur is growing back on her shoulder and leg.  With these two DOT tests under her belt, Spirit is now able to participate in sanctioned SDDA started and advanced trials.


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She’s Maturing


Today Spirit is 11 months old (weights 85 lbs) and just finishing up her first heat.  I knew it would be a challenge with two intact dogs in the house but I was still overwhelmed by Wally’s response to her.  My old boy will be 15 in April but he still has his “mojo” firmly in place.  I think it put a bit of a twinkle in his eyes and a spark in his step.

11Months-2 11Months-3

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New Puppy Bed

We started making this raised dog bed over two years ago.  The various pieces have spent 2 winters on our deck waiting for some attention.  Well I’m thrilled to say we have finally assembled it and it has Spirit’s seal of approval.  I think she will find it nice and cool to have the air circulating underneath her.  It creaks and groans with all her weight on it but it should support her just fine. (Thanks Auntie Patty for finally lighting a fire under our butts to get us to assemble it)


Bait & Gait Class and Mock Dog Show


Samson, Axel, Ryder and Spirit

This morning Spirit and I took a Bait and Gait class as a warm up for the mock show this afternoon.  She did pretty well for a dog that loves to sit….a big no no for the show ring.  Then this afternoon the handler took her and worked her in the mock show.  Her brother Samson, her big brother Axel (same parents first litter) and the breeders’ Newfie Ryder were all in the same show.  Axl made it to best in show but lost to a beautiful Golden.

Spirit was so wiggly every time the judge touched her and when she tried to look at her bite.  She made the cut for the female working dog group but ended up losing to a cute boxer.  I think it was a great experience for her that hopefully will have her better prepared for the real show. The handler Jo-ann said she did a good job so hopefully she will do her breeders/grandparents (Steve and Coreen Johnson of Tailspin Bernese Mountain Dogs) proud next week at the Northern Alberta Canine Association all breed show.  This video is for you Coreen since you didn’t get the opportunity to see your grand-daughter “strut her stuff” in person.